Der er ordinær generalforsamling i Foreningen Roskilde Festival torsdag 8. oktober 2020. RoskildeNyt har snakket med Raymond Andrews, der opstiller til bestyrelsen.

Kend din kandidat

Der er lagt op til vaskeægte valggyser 8. oktober 2020, når der er generalforsamling i Foreningen Roskilde Festival. Der er to pladser i bestyrelsen på valg. RoskildeNyt har taget en snak med kandidaterne, så du er klar, når krydset skal sættes.


Kan du fortælle lidt om dig selv?

I am Raymond Marcel Andrews and I am 53 years old.  

Hvordan er du en del af Roskilde Festival i dag?

I have been a volunteer for many years. I was a volunteer from 2013-2019 with only a break in 2018. I have been working with recycling and transportation.

I arranged a project called Volunteering 4 Life in 2013 and 2017 where we found money from the EU and brought 48 volunteers from 8 European countries to volunteer. I have also been a journalist and wrote articles and posted pictures from Roskilde.  

Hvorfor opstiller du til bestyrelsen i Foreningen Roskilde Festival?

I believe I bring diversity and a new voice to the Roskilde Festival. I have worked as a low-level volunteer which is important because I understand what the people and youth want and need because I have slept in their camps and worked on their level.

I have been a teacher for many years in Denmark and I come with a strong motivation to improve our society. I have mapped Roskilde Festival on Google as well as with drones in the past and would like to promote the ideas of a Virtual Roskilde in the future.  

Hvad, mener du, er bestyrelsens vigtigste opgave lige nu?

The board need to look into the future and grow with the ideas of a Virtual festival. We need to link with Danish, Scandinavian and European groups and getting them active in the volunteer process of Roskilde Festival. How to activate young people to serve.

We need to take the drugs out of the festival and add fun and excitement through healthy activities. We need to support civil interests like voting, anti-bullying, anti-drug campaigns. We should bring in new associations and groups who help expand the network of the festival.  

Hvorfor bør medlemmerne stemme på dig?

I believe that I am a very active member of the Danish community and will bring an active member to the Roskilde Festival board. I am a black man and it is important to have new voices within the festival. Someone who has shown dedication to positive causes and has been a leader in their community.

I created the website Black Lives Matter Europe and have been one of the main contributors to the stories and information presented on this platform

I have been one of the first individuals to apply for and arrange EU projects within Denmark. Since 1996, I have written over 25 European Level youth Exchanges under the Ministry of Education (Youth programme 1993-2000). 

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