By Parastou Booyash

Whether you want to or not, you have to go home. Here is some good advice at how to say goodbye to Roskilde Festival in style.

Donate your camping gear

Again this year, you can donate everything from your tent, batteries and glass to your unopened tinned mackerel. Recipients of the donations are among others boat refugees in Greece and 24 other NGOs. The donated pavilions will be melted and made into everything from washing up brushes to swimming pool canopies. Graffiti is no problem because only the canvas will be used. Syrian refugees help pack and send everything to the NGOs. You can donate your gear at the Recycling Stations carrying the sign: ReAct.

Getting home

When it is time to say goodbye to your friends and to Roskilde, it is nice knowing how to get home. Trains and busses are going to Roskilde Station and to Copenhagen Central Station.

Trains: From 8:07 a.m. to 7.07 p.m. trains are running every half hour to Roskilde Station. At night, the train only runs once an hour from West to Copenhagen Central Station. Please, check for exact times. (the station is called Roskilde Festival St.). A ticket is 80 DKK. Remember cash.

Bus: busses are running every 15 minutes to Roskilde Station all day and night. After midnight, busses go all the way to Copenhagen Central Station on the whole and half hour. A ticket for Copenhagen is 80 DKK. Remember cash.

Car: Earlier, traffic to and from the camping area has been highly concentrated around Sunday afternoon. However this year, where the music ends on Saturday, it is uncertain when the big move will take place. The only recommendation the festival will make is to leave in plenty of time, and to use car-pooling when possible. Check out the Go More-app for car-pooling opportunities.

Photo: Magnus Fisker
Fotograf: Magnus Fisker

Clean up after yourself

Every single cigarette butt thrown on the ground has to be picked up manually by volunteers who spend about 17,400 working hours on picking up trash after the festival. Last year, 1,800 tonnes of trash were collected.
So please give us a hand and clean up after yourself – that’s the cool thing to do.

Give someone a hug

It has been yet another fantastic Roskilde Festival, and you have contributed to the great Orange Feeling and festival spirit. We could all use some of that same spirit outside of Roskilde Festival. So remember to give someone a hug, kiss your neighbour and to take home that feeling of community.

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