Graham has a few days left to find a wife at Roskilde Festival. This is the mission he has put himself on. And he could succeed if only he stops getting sunscreen in his eyes, and tripping into the piss fence.

Graham O’Brien, 27 years old, hails from Dublin, Ireland. This is his first year at Roskilde Festival, though his friends have been pressuring him to come now for six years. He’s spent the last two weeks in Denmark, with Roskilde Festival capping off his visit. And he’s in a hurry.

The Quest to Find a Beautiful Alien

Graham visited Denmark back in 2008, where he fell in love with the place. “When you’re in Dublin, you look around and you see people,” begins Graham, “but then you come to Denmark and you’re like, woah. Everyone looks like beautiful aliens.” Fascinated by the people, places and way of life in Denmark, he’s made it a promise to himself to start a completely new life here in Denmark.

Therefore Graham made a deal with himself. To stay in Denmark, he will have to find a wife before he returns to Ireland this Sunday. With a Danish wife, moving here would be a much easier process than without, he reckons.

However, he isn’t just looking for a free ticket to live in Denmark; he has a lot to offer to potential candidates. “I don’t look like a hippy, but I think like a hippy.” Graham explains. He’s a musician back home and he believes in living a free life. He further holds that you don’t know who the perfect girl is until you meet her and he’s willing to work hard to find her.

Fotograf: Inez Dawczyk
Fotograf: Inez Dawczyk

The Orange Feeling – The Feeling of Love

So what better place for a self-described “hippy musician” to look for a wife than at Roskilde, a music festival that still holds true to its 70’s roots? Surely there are some girls out in those camp sites that share the same values and lifestyle as Graham. A lifestyle that can be summed up by the indescribable yet distinct “Orange Feeling” that envelopes Roskilde, something Graham has discovered these past few days. Even after an unfortunate run in with the infamous Roskilde “piss fence”, which involved falling face first into the splash area, he still manages to stay positive. “It was a rookie mistake.” he says with a slight smirk.

But what’s stood out to Graham was seeing how Roskilde can bring strangers together for a common goal. Graham and his group brought some pretty big tents with them, which his neighbors weren’t too happy to see being put up the first day. When Graham asked his neighbors for help, they initially said no, but soon after realizing they themselves needed help, they banded together and not only pitched both tents, but tied their tents together so that the rain wouldn’t fall into either camp site. So if rain can’t stop Graham, what can?

No Hablo Danske? No Problemo!

Considering the fact that 86% of Roskilde 2015 attendees are Danish, you would think an Irish would feel a bit overwhelmed, especially when he’s searching for a wife, but not Graham. “I think it’s a great language, even though I can’t understand it,” he explains chuckling, “but I think people work more off the facial expressions, because, in the end, we’re all human.” With a mindset like that, it’s only a matter of time before Graham’s spirit attracts an admirer.

Ultimately, Graham says he wants to flow with the people of Roskilde and the community and he’s willing to let the tide take him wherever he needs to go. Whether or not that tide takes him to his future wife is yet to be seen. Any potential love interests should look for the Ireland flag in B area where you’ll probably find Graham kicking back at his camp site with a Tuborg in hand and a smile on his face.

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