By Anine Fuglesang

Roskilde Festival is launching a village hall for committed, debate loving young people. Orange Press spoke to the programme coordinator, Kitte Wagner, about the ambitions for the project.

The area is bustling with last minute preparations before the opening of the Rising area Sunday morning and programme curator Kitte Wagner is on the phone, giving the last instructions. By the look in her eyes and the eagerness in her voice, you can sense that this is where her passions lie.

“What characterises Rising best is the attitudinal work, creative activism and interactive activities. During the past two years, Roskilde Festival has been focusing on the initiative Youth With Purpose, and we will continue the work this year. This is an integral part of the Roskilde Festival DNA since the 1970s, where art plays an important part of the youth movement, and we are continuing this work. This year, we’re going all in and are dedicating an entire area to the initiative,” Kitte Vagner explains.

Rising is the name of a new area at Roskilde Festival. An area with room for dreams, visions, debates and dialogue. An area created with a clear vision of motivating Roskilde Festival’s many young festival goers to participate in an ongoing debate about changing the future for the better. How can take responsibility and make a difference together?

“We say that we’re experiencing a generation gap today that has never been wider, and Roskilde Festival is therefore an obvious place to engage the young people in discussions about the future in formats that are entertaining as well as strange,” says Kitte Wagner.

A circle of solidarity

Writers, actors, and musicians. IT-professionals, bankers, and religious leaders. The events at Rising many creative and inspiring people, who are all ready to meet the young festivalgoers and to debate e.g. equality, sustainability and social inequality in the area’s mirror-clad tepees, in the conversational salons and via the big screens with a Skype connection.

“It is our experience that a voice is rising among the best young artists, which shows us there a wish to discuss the problems of the world, local as well as global. And we believe that there is yet again a need to sit in a circle and to find a fellowship and a dialogue; this is where our Dreamcatchers (two tee pees, ed.) are the obvious access points,” says Kitte Wagner.

She encourages everyone to turn up in Rising.

“You have to come and experience what it means to be part of taking responsibility for a better future, and there are no one better to do this than the festivalgoers. And if we manage to mobilise the thousands of young people we might even take over the Danish Parliament one day, and that is a beautiful vision,” says Kitte Wagner, laughing to herself by the thought.

Come along and see what’s going on!
Window to the world is Rising’s version of a village hall where the day begins with a conversational salon with 40 bankers, 40 IT people or 40 religious leaders who together with the festivalgoers will discuss subjects such as working life, surveillance and faith, while everybody enjoys a communal breakfast.

The event ends with a live interview in front of the stage or on the big screen via Skype. Here, among other things you can hear an interview with Barack Obama’s speech writer, Jonathan Favreau and the woman behind the controversial documentary ‘India’s Daughter’, Leslee Udwin.

As the sun sets, the documentary film festival CPH:DOX invites to first showings of the three movies ’Citizenfour’, ‘Banksy Does New York’ and ’The Emperors New Clothes.’ Check out the programme to learn more about the events on Rising.

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